The rapid development of gastronomic tourism in recent years has led to numerous studies in the literature. Various studies discuss the topic of gastronomic tourism from different aspects. The study of such studies with the help of bibliometric analysis makes clear the course of development of the relevant literature and helps to determine the topics dealt with in this field and the target groups included in the research. These studies are important in identifying which topics are not covered in the literature and in suggesting research topics in this regard. The results showed that most of the researched theses were postgraduate dissertations, that the dissertations were mostly written in 2020, that more qualitative methods were used in the research methods, that the dissertations were mostly published in the Department of Tourism Management, and that the terms of gastronomy and culture were used the most among the keywords. Finally, it was found that the research data in the dissertations were mainly related to Gaziantep cuisine. It is expected that the study will reveal the developments in the relevant literature and help academics to identify the gaps related to the topic.


Tourism, local cuisine, local food, bibliometric analysis

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