Cryogenic ridges: a new speleothem type
Bogdan P. Onac, Daniel M. Cleary, Oana A. Dumitru, Victor J. Polyak, Ioan Povara, Jonathan G. Wynn, and Yemane Asmerom

  • Cryogenic ridges: a new speleothem type
  • Cryogenic ridges are seasonally precipitated in Sohodoalele Mici Cave
  • The isotopic composition is different in calcite ridges and the inner stalactite
  • The formation of cryogenic ridges is discussed


Mg records of two stalagmites from B7-Cave (northwest Germany) indicating long-term precipitation changes during Early to Mid-Holocene
Dana F. C. Riechelmann, Klaus Peter Jochum, Detlev K. Richter, and Denis Scholz

  • Redating of B7-Cave stalagmites results in more precise age models
  • High-resolution Mg concentrations are related to prior calcite precipitation
  • Mg records indicate increasing precipitation at the beginning of the Holocene