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Low impact sampling of speleothems – reconciling scientific study with cave conservation
Claire L.V. MacGregor, John C. Hellstrom, Jon D. Woodhead, Russell N. Drysdale, and Rolan S. Eberhard

  • Low impact method for speleothem sampling
  • Cave conservation best practice


A world review of fungi, yeasts, and slime molds in caves
Karen J. Vanderwolf, David Malloch, Donald F. McAlpine, and Graham J. Forbes


Monitoring photosynthetic activity using in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence in microalgae and cyanobacteria biofilms in the Nerja Cave (Malaga, Spain)
Yolanda Del Rosal, Juan Muñoz-Fernández, Paula S.M. Celis-Plá, Mariona Hernández-Mariné, Félix Álvarez-Gómez, Salvador Merino, and Félix L. Figueroa

  • Monitoring of in vivo Chl a fluorescence is an efficient tool to prevent biodeterioration processes
  • Photosynthetic activity is related with values of temperature, relatively humidity and CO2 in the air
  • The biofilms could survive under stress environment
  • Higher environmental values probably alleviate the photoinhibition as a supply in the system Irradiance is not an adequate key factor to control microorganism growth in the Nerja Cave


Safe and effective disinfection of show cave infrastructure in a time of COVID-19
Hazel A. Barton

  • Showcaves have unique challenges to coronavirus disinfection
  • The chemistry of coronaviruses suggest they will adsorb to limestone
  • The chemistry of limestone surfaces is likely to inactivate coronaviruses
  • Effective disinfectants with minimal impact on caves were identified
  • Face masks and social distancing remain critical in preventing disease


Continuous color model as a tool to improve speleothem age model development
Celia Campa-Bousoño, Ángel García-Pérez, Ana Moreno, Miguel Iglesias, Hai Cheng, R Lawrence Edwards, and Heather Stoll

  • Relationship between color and growth rate is described by an exponential function
  • Color growth rate model is useful in guiding optimal locations for U-Th dating
  • Color growth rate model may enable a better age model to be built with fewer dates
  • Stalagmite color does not show consistent relationships with climate indicators

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