Volume 51, Issue 2 (2022)



Hydrodynamic model for independent cold and thermo-mineral twin springs in a stratified continental karst aquifer, Camou, Arbailles Massif, Pyrénées, France
Philippe AUDRA, Jean-Yves BIGOT, Dimitri Laurent, Nathalie Vanara, Didier Cailhol, and Gérard Cazenave

  • Camou twin springs discharge cold and hot-saline waters, from distinct water bodies
  • We studied the dynamic of thermohaline using temperature-depth dataloggers
  • Water bodies with different physic characteristic do not mix, even in same conduit
  • We suggest a hydrodynamic model for non-mixing in highly karstified context
  • Camou springs are an outstanding case of continental stratified karst aquifer