Low impact sampling of speleothems – reconciling scientific study with cave conservation
Claire L.V. MacGregor, John C. Hellstrom, Jon D. Woodhead, Russell N. Drysdale, and Rolan S. Eberhard

  • Low impact method for speleothem sampling
  • Cave conservation best practice


Speleogenesis in a lens of metamorphosed limestone and ankerite: Ochtiná Aragonite Cave, Slovakia
Pavel Bella, Pavel Bosák, Petr Pruner, Helena Hercman, Katarína Pukanská, Karol Bartoš, Ľudovít Gaál, Dagmar Haviarová, Peter Tomčík, and Šimon Kdýr

  • Carbonic acid speleogenesis enhanced due to ankerite oxidation
  • Solution flat ceilings and inward-inclined smooth facets in a limestone cave
  • Solution facets developed in flat-roofed passages as well as in vaulted halls and passages
  • The Brunhes/Matuyama boundary and Jaramillo magnetozone recorded in cave sediments
  • Slow depositional rate of cave sediments determined from magnetostratigraphy data