Of the 29% foreign members in the Société de Spéléologie, five lived in the USA. They were Luella Owen (the only woman member of the Société), R. Ellsworth Cali, H.C. Hovey, E Van Epps and C. R. Blackall. E.S. Balch, though not a member, also knew Martel. These members, between them, published ten papers in Spelunca, which also reviewed their other work. The activities of these six, and their links with France, are discussed. Martel actively encouraged cave work in America, as elsewhere, and Hovey, who had been with him during the survey of Aven Armand, he knew quite well. In 1912 Martel at last visited the USA himself and the barometer readings he took in Mammoth Cave to measure altitude enabled him to draw the first longitudinal section of the cave since 1835.