The Bossea Cave has a great interest from the point of view of nature and the environment because many karst and speleogenetic processes are still active. The water stream flowing in the cave was the determining factor of some picturesque morphologies and splendid scenographic effects. An underground laboratory for experimental researches (the “Bossea Scientific Station”) was established in the cave and is operating since 1969 (Biological Section) and 1982 (Physical Section). The cave has been explored and studied since 1850 and opened to the public in 1874. At present its exploitation can be furtherly emphasized. For this purpose a programme was prepared according the following items: 1) rearrangement of the tourist facilities; 2) best exploitation of internal hydrography; 3) creation of alternative trails; 4) improvement of the scientific facilities; 5) creation of new outside facilities; 6) preparation of literature and visual aids. The goals of the Scientific Station installed inside the cave and the results achieved are described by Guido Peano, laboratory director; the cave exploitation project, concerning both the scientific and tourist facilities, is due to Giorgio Fisanotti.