This study aims to examine the personal finance characteristics of mobile banking and mobile payment users in the United States. To achieve this goal, we used the 2018 National Financial Capability Study, which surveyed over 27,000 American adults regarding their personal financial standing and behaviors. By using ordinary least squares models, our results indicated that the use of mobile banking and mobile payment technology was associated with lower age, Non-White Ethnicity, higher income, higher debt load, debt types (auto, student, credit card, and predatory), and spending more than one’s income. These results reveal that the higher one’s income, financial liabilities, and spending are, the more they may value the convenience of mobile banking and payments.


mobile payments, mobile commerce, technology adoption, financial behavior, financial technology

Chinese Abstract


本研究旨在探讨美国移动银行和移动支付用户的个人财务特征。为实现这目标,我们使用了 2018 年国家财务能力研究的数据,该研究调查了 27,000 多名美国成年人的个人财务状况和行为。通过使用普通最小二乘模型,我们的结果显示了移动银行和移动支付技术的使用与较低年龄、非白人种族、较高收入、较高债务负担和债务类型(汽车、学生、信用卡和掠夺性债务)相关,其支出往往超过收入。这些结果表明,个人的收入、负债和支出越高,就会越看重移动银行和支付的便利性。




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