This study explains how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food sector adapted during the pandemic. In-depth, semi-structured, hybrid interviews were conducted with fifteen SME owners in the food sector in Bandung, Indonesia. The study describes five business adaptation strategies using service-dominant logic (S-DL) and structural-functionalism theory: (a) relationship adaptation with suppliers and landlords, (b) employee adaptation, (c) product and sales adaptation, (d) operations adaptation, and (e) promotion adaptation. Findings show a holistic view of actor involvement in the business adaptation process linked to altruism, in which the business and all actors (i.e., suppliers, landlords, customers, employees, government, online delivery man, society, etc.) act and respond conjointly as a form of collective survival. The business ecosystem of the food sector covers both transactional relationships and emotional relationships. This study contributes to the literature and practice of SMEs in the food sector in finding effective strategies when facing a pandemic.


service-dominant logic, food business, pandemic, small business, SMEs

Chinese Abstract


这项研究解释了食品行业的中小型企业 (SME) 在大流行期间如何作出适应。 此研究对印尼万隆市食品行业的 15 家中小企业主进行了深入、半结构化的混合访谈。 该研究使用服务主导逻辑 (S-DL) 和结构功能主义理论描述了五种业务适应策略:(a) 与供应商和房东的关系适应度,(b) 员工适应度,(c) 产品和销售适应度,(d) 运营适应度,以及 (e) 促销适应度。 研究结果显示了参与者以利他主义串联在在业务适应过程的整体观点,其中企业和所有参与者(即供应商、房东、客户、员工、政府、在线送货员、社会等)的行动和反应一致,是为要达到共同存活的一种表现。 食品行业的商业生态既涵盖交易关系,也涵盖情感关系。 这项研究不但扩充现有文献并对食品行业中小型企业在面临疫情大流行时寻找有效策略提供建议。

关键词:服务主导逻辑 (S-DL)、食品行业、疫情、小本生意、中小型企业 (SMEs)

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Hardian Eko Nurseto: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2848-3986

Nila Armelia Windasari: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6298-9553

Prasanti Widyasih Sarli: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3135-8510



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