As internet usage grew, social media sites proliferated, and consumers began to use them more frequently. On social media, people share their daily lives, but they also express what they want to symbolize. This sharing includes conspicuous buying or consumption, presenting both opportunities and challenges for organizations. Therefore, the aim of this research was to investigate how the intensity of Instagram’s usage as a social media platform affects conspicuous consumption. The data was gathered through a questionnaire administered to Instagram users (N = 230). Partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) determined the effect of the intensity of Instagram’s usage as a social media platform on conspicuous consumption. According to the findings, the intensity of Instagram usage influenced the dimensions of conspicuous consumption (status, social impact, and sociability). By emphasizing conspicuous consumption, companies have an opportunity to impress their customers.


conspicuous consumption, intensity of Instagram usage, social media

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随着网络使用量的增长,社交媒体网站激增,消费者开始更频繁地使用社交媒体。在社交媒体上,人们分享日常生活,同时也表达他们想要象征的东西。这种分享包括炫耀性购买或消费,为企业带来了机会和挑战。因此,本研究的目的是调查 Instagram 作为社交媒体平台的使用强度如何影响炫耀性消费。数据是透过对 Instagram 用户进行问卷收集(N = 230)。偏最小平方法结构方程模型 (PLS-SEM) 确定了 Instagram 作为社交媒体平台的使用强度对炫耀性消费的影响。调查结果显示,Instagram 使用强度影响了炫耀性消费的维度(地位、社会影响力和社交能力)。透过强调炫耀性消费,企业有机会让客户留下深刻印象。

关键词:炫耀性消费、Instagram 使用强度、社交媒体

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