This paper seeks to unearth the factors affecting the adoption of mobile banking in Bangladesh. Primary data from 630 respondents are collected from January 2021 to June 2021 using a structured questionnaire to accomplish this objective. The questionnaire contains 20 statements regarding the adoption of mobile banking. Gathered data are tabulated, categorized, and arranged to fulfill the purpose. The convenience sampling method is used to choose respondents from the Pabna district in Bangladesh. The collected data are examined using exploratory factor analysis, KMO and Bartlett testing, and reliability testing. Findings confirm that risk, the convenience of use, ease of access, cost, and comparative advantage are important factors influencing mobile banking usage in Bangladesh. Risk is the most prominent factor for mobile banking’s presence in Bangladesh. Regulatory authorities and banks should emphasize the above-mentioned factors to reach the target market to fulfill their objectives. This research should help managers and the central bank develop more precise policies to expand services for mobile banking based on these factors to achieve the goal of financial inclusion. The study is conducted based on primary data from only one district under a time constraint.


risk, cost, trust, financial inclusion

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