A great emphasis exists in research on entrepreneurs who start small- to medium-size businesses and who are seizing opportunities outside the corporate world, especially in developing countries like Tanzania. Women entrepreneurs have the highest representation of all entrepreneurs in the Sub-Saharan region. Entrepreneurs everywhere face unique hardships that could determine the fate of their businesses. Women entrepreneurs in the Sub-Saharan region have additional struggles to start and sustain their businesses. The participants in this study were randomly selected from women entrepreneurs who participated in the 2017 NYIT Launch in Moshi, Tanzania. The researchers conducted virtual qualitative interviews and focus groups with 43 women entrepreneurs assembled in the Excel Education Foundation in Moshi, Tanzania. Findings suggest the main reason women entrepreneurs started their businesses was to gain financial freedom from their spouses and to be able to take care of their families. A major implication of this research is understanding the importance of education for women entrepreneurs in the Sub-Saharan region. The research contributes to knowledge of the challenges of women entrepreneurs in developing countries and suggests practical tips and policy recommendations to support women entrepreneurs.


entrepreneur challenges, gender equality, developing countries, Tanzania

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