COVID-19 has undoubtedly absorbed the global public's angst. It has quickly disturbed global life and will have long-term and short-term consequences on several sectors. This comprehensive review study's goal is to discover what research has been done in a year since the beginning of coronavirus in Bangladesh. Consequently, the current study examined the pervasiveness and affiliation of social and economic issues, health and psychological issues and individual perceptions, key challenges, strategies and policy systems, public health, online education, agriculture and food security, criminal activities related to outbreaks, Rohingya refugee issues, and the quality of domestic violence behaviors. The review used electronic databases such as Web of Science, PubMed, PubMed Central, and Scopus to find published material. This study reviewed chosen papers, removing redundancies and including 43 pertinent articles. Among the 43 study items, fourteen were qualitative (32.56%), six mixed (13.95%), and the rest were quantitative (53.49 %). This study helps to identify the issues with current documentation by focusing on interconnected factors and studying COVID-19 events and scenarios. Thus, governments and other stakeholders should reassess these controversial issues to formulate a policy that takes into consideration the situation in Bangladesh and other COVID-19 affected countries.


empirical study, PRISMA guidelines, Bangladesh, content analysis

Chinese Abstract


新冠疫情(COVID-19)无疑引起了全球公众的焦虑。它迅速干扰了全球生活,并对多个领域产生长期和短期的影响。这项综合性研究旨在探索自新冠疫情在孟加拉爆发以来一年内所展开的研究。因此,本研究考察各类议题的普遍性和关联性,包括社会和经济问题、健康和心理问题以及个人看法、重要的挑战、战略和政策体系、公共卫生、在线教育、农业和食品安全、以及与疫情有关的犯罪活动、罗兴亚难民问题以及家庭暴力行为等。此综述使用Web of Science、PubMed、PubMed Central和Scopus等电子数据库查找已发表的材料。本研究复查所选择的文章,继而删除冗余的内容,最终涵盖了43篇相关文章。在43项研究项目中,14项为定性研究(32.56%),6项为混合研究(13.95%),其余为定量研究(53.49%)。此研究通过关注当前研究新冠疫情事件和情景的文献及其相互关联的因素,从而有助于发现问题所在。因此,政府和其他利益相关者应重新评估这些具有争议的议题,并考虑孟加拉和其他受新冠疫情影响国家的情况,以制定合适的政策。

关键词: 实证研究、PRISMA指引、孟加拉、内容分析



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