The labor-intensive structure, 24/7 service availability, diversity of departments including kitchens, housekeeping, and technical services, the high labor turnover ratios, along with the long working hours and shift systems inherent in accommodation establishments all play a role in the occurrence of occupational accidents (OA). Fundamental reasons underlying OA are unsafe behavior and unsafe working conditions. This study analyzes with a qualitative method the OA that occur in the food & beverage (F&B) service department of accommodation establishments from the viewpoint of employees. The study concludes that the majority of these accidents are not high risk, and generally result from unsafe conditions. Occupational safety and health (OSH) training is one of the most effective methods of preventing OA. Data collected from interviews revealed that OSH training of employees provided by the accommodation establishments involved in this study is inadequate. Apart from regularly scheduled training, establishments need to take measures to ease the pressure on employees during rush hours and should also reduce and eliminate potential environmental risks.


occupational safety and health, unsafe condition, unsafe behavior, accommodation

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劳动密集型结构、24/7全天候服务、包括厨房、客房、技术服务等部门的多样性、高劳动力流动率以及住宿场所固有的长工作时间和轮班制度都会导致职业事故(OA) 的发生。而造成 OA的根本原因是不安全的行为和不安全的工作条件。本研究采用定性方法,从员工的角度分析住宿机构餐饮服务部门发生的职业事故。研究得出的结论是,大多数事故并非高风险事故,通常是由不安全的条件造成的。职业安全与健康(OSH)培训是预防OA最有效的方法之一。从访谈中收集的数据显示,本研究涉及的住宿机构提供的OSH培训不足。除了定期安排培训外,住宿机构还需要采取措施,减轻员工在繁忙时间的压力,并减少和消除潜在的环境风险。




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