The pioneering work of Campbell et al. (1995a) presented four ways a corporate parent either creates or destroys value for the companies it owns. They are (a) stand alone, (b) linkage, (c) central functions and services, and (d) corporate development. Despite widespread acceptance of the concept of parenting advantage, empirical research remains scarce. Examining the methodological issues, this research describes the development of an instrument to measure the four strategies. An exploratory factor analysis yielded six distinct factors, accounting for 74.11% of the variance. The results partially validated the a priori classification scheme. A few factors partly reflected the measurement items (variables) gleaned from the four basic strategies. The factors are represented by a hybrid of items from different strategies. The paper concluded that the original conceptualizations of the strategies need to be better scrutinized and that further refinement of the operational definitions is also necessary.


parenting advantage, measurement scales, empirical test

Chinese Abstract


Campbell at al.(1995a)的开创性工作提出了母公司创造或破坏所拥有公司价值的四种方式,它们是(a)独立运营、(b)联系、(c)中央职能和服务、以及(d)企业发展。尽管母公司优势的概念得到了广泛的认可,但实证研究依然缺乏。通过考察方法论,本研究陈述了如何建立测量四种策略的量表。探索性因子分析得出六个不同的因子,解释了74.11%的方差,结果部分验证了先验分类方案。一些因素部分反映了从四种基本策略中获得的测量项(变量),并由来自不同策略的项目混合表示。本文得出结论是,原始策略的概念需要更好地审查,并进一步完善其操作定义。


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