Planning studies are important for the competitiveness of destinations and their actions with the principles of sustainability. Kuşadası and Didim, which have been among the most important mass tourism destinations in Turkey since 1960, have also long experienced common problems such as lack of coordination, environmental and infrastructural problems, and a lack of an integrated destination approach. Although a series of initiatives have been attempted to solve these problems—with a series of initiatives and good intentions—these initiatives have ultimately failed to achieve their outcomes. The current study aims to present the problems faced with destination management in both destinations. Specifically, it explains the whole process of destination management, including an attempt to guide and play a mediating role for stakeholders through a participatory approach. Therefore, revealing salient problems experienced in both destinations and preparing action plans for the solution of these problems are possible. The research is based on qualitative data from key stakeholders and opinion leaders. The process of data collection took almost two years, including one kick-off meeting, four workshops, and five mini-meetings. In addition, seven in-depth interviews were carried out to follow up on the outcomes. Although common problems such as lack of cooperation, coordination, budget, qualified workforce, infrastructure, and promotion have been identified, establishing a coordination platform and preparing action plans seems to remain remote. Therefore, despite all efforts, attempts at management planning may be regarded as an example of destination management failure.


participatory approach, stakeholder, workshop, qualitative data

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