Environmental problems have been discussed as a serious issue across the world. To conserve nature, many environmental organizations have tried to facilitate tourists’ environmental perceptions by using nature images on their websites. However, few guidelines have been introduced regarding how to select appropriate nature images. Given this gap, this study conducted an importance-performance analysis (IPA) which provides the specific guideline for the use of appropriate nature images through nature-related websites. A total of 526 participants were recruited through an online survey. The results revealed that 14 nature images were categorized as Useful, Healthy, and Spontaneous nature images and identified different environmental perspectives between website visitor and non-visitor groups. These findings can be a valuable reference for website designers and stockholders to select effective nature images in encouraging people’s positive environmental perceptions. Moreover, the current study demonstrates the usefulness of IPA as a measurable tool in investigating what factors of nature images should be presented to enhance environmental perceptions through nature-related websites.


nature images, environmental perceptions, nature-related websites, importance-performance analysis, quantitative research

Chinese Abstract

如何通过自然图像增强游客对环境问题的感知:重要性 - 表现分析





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