Information systems bring about many innovation opportunities for organizations. However, there are also several factors affecting these opportunities that need to be investigated. Therefore, taking this necessity as a starting point, the present study was conducted to provide an insight into the associations between Information Systems Literacy (ISL), and the analytical approach, as well as Business Process Management (BPM) usage and organization performance. To this end, a structural model has been developed to define the link between design, methodology and approach structures and study the mediating effect on the relationship between ISL, analytical approach, BPM, and organization performance. A questionnaire was developed and a total of 404 usable surveys were collected from civil servants employed in various public bodies in Turkey. Using structural equation modeling, the model and the proposed hypotheses were tested. Results showed ISL has a significant and positive effect on BPM and organization performance whereas there is no positive correlation between neither the analytical approach and BPM nor organization performance. Moreover, the success of the employees with a bachelor’s degree or score above 67.8% appears to be linked with the success of the model investigating the association between BPM usage, ISL, and analytical approach affecting organization performance.


ISL, analytical approach, civil servant, BPM, success model, SEM

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