This case study discusses an initiative to aid a traditional Quilombo community in the State of Rio de Janeiro through community-based tourism (CBT). Through the Young Leaders of Americas program, a US Department of State funded initiative, the authors worked together in Brazil and the United States to increase visibility, linkages and awareness of this CBT project. The paper highlights how research in the field influenced what specific steps would be taken in practice to increase the benefits of tourism for the community. CBT as a concept is briefly discussed, and a background of Quilombos in Brazil is given.


community-based tourism, Quilombo, sustainability, culture

Chinese Abstract

案例研究:传统的巴西基隆布社区旅游业 - 从理论到实践

本案例研究讨论一项以社区旅游援助里约热内卢一个传统的基隆布社区的倡议。 通过“美国年轻领导者”這一美国国务院资助的项目,作者在巴西及美国两地展开合作,加强该社区旅游项目的可视度、关联度、和意识度。文章强调这个领域的研究如何影响具体措施的实施从而使社区从旅游业中获益。文章还简要阐述了社区旅游的概念,并介绍了巴西基隆布概况。

关键词: 社区旅游,基隆布,可持续发展,文化



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