The sharing economy is getting broader with its non-ownership assets, better use of resources, lower prices, and more customized products (Belk, 2014). In tourism industry, the development of the sharing economy involved the emergence of online travel agencies (OTAs) who are intermediates between services providers and consumers, provide accommodations, transport services, food and beverages services, tour guide services, etc. (Skalska, 2017). Recently, Vietnam has experienced a rapid growth in the number of users booking tourism products and services through OTAs. Playing such an important role in the tourism market, it is essential for OTAs to retain customers which later bring successes for the business. This research examines the role of perceive value as it mediates the effect of website quality on customer repurchase intention at OTAs in Vietnam. Quantitative approach was employed with structured questionnaires written in Vietnamese and English. The questionnaires were distributed to tourists in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, and Nha Trang. Partial least squares was applied to test the reliability, validity of the measures and the causal effects. The findings suggest that: (1) only website’s ease of use has direct positive influence on repurchase intention; (2) while security, service quality, visual appearance, price, and brand image have indirect positive affect on repurchase intention through the mediation of perceived value. Based on the results, theoretical implications and practical implications were also provided in this research.


website’s ease of use, security, service quality, visual appearance, price, brand image

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共享经济正依靠其非所有权财产、更佳的资源利用、更低的价格和更多定制化的服务而得到广泛应用(Belk, 2014)。在旅游业中,共享经济的发展离不开在线旅行社(OTA)的崛起,它们作为服务提供商和顾客的中间平台,提供了住宿、交通、餐饮和导游等服务(Skalska, 2017)。近期,越南经由OTA订购旅游产品和服务的用户人数快速增长。因其在旅游市场中的重要地位,留住客户对OTA来说尤为重要,这将成为它们未来致胜的法宝。本文研究了感知价值的作用,它是越南OTA网站质量对顾客回购意愿影响的中介变量。研究采取定量分析法,以越南文和英文设计结构型问卷,在胡志明、会安及芽庄市对旅客进行发放。分析采用偏最小二乘回归测试变量的信度、效度及因果关系。结果显示:(1)仅网站的易用性对回购意愿有直接正影响;(2)安全性、服务质量、视觉外观、价格和品牌形象对回购意愿通过感知价值有间接正影响。文中亦基于这些结论讨论了研究的理论和实践意义。




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