Cities have become engines of economic development. Numerous cities have positively affected the living conditions of residents and visitors by using technological and innovative service delivery tools called smart city technologies and applications. These technologies and applications can be seen at government and private buildings, city facilities, information and communication technology infrastructure, and personal services. They have a net-positive impact on the environment and natural resources by reducing harmful emissions and the excessive and unnecessary use of energy, water, gas, public and private transport vehicles, and more. Cities have used these technologies and applications to brand themselves as having efficient, sustainable, and powerful economies, security, tidiness, planning of urban facilities, enhanced civic imagery, and a high quality of life. This branding, in turn, makes a city more attractive to target audiences. In this paper, smart city technologies and applications in the world’s leading smart cities were examined. Thereafter, common and city-specific applications were listed. Finally, suggestions were put forward for tourism cities to realize sustainable economic development by means of tourism and become attractive destinations for existing and prospective visitors.


tourism city, destination city, city branding, smart city, smart city application, smart destination

Chinese Abstract


城市比以往任何时候都更加成为经济发展的引擎。如今,许多城市一直在使用被称为 "智能城市技术和应用 "的技术和创新服务工具,以积极影响其居民和游客的生活条件。这些技术和应用可见于政府和私人建筑、城市设施和管理、信息和通信技术基础设施及个人服务。它们通过减少有害气体的排放,减少能源、水、燃气、公共和私人交通车辆等的过量和不必要的使用,对环境和自然资源产生积极影响。在城市品牌建设方面,高效、可持续和强大的城市经济、安全、整洁、规范的城市设施、, 以及较好的市民形象和体面的生活质量,都会使一个城市对目标受众具有吸引力。本文研究了世界领先的智慧城市的智慧城市技术和应用,并列举了若干通用的和/或城市特定的应用。最后,根据这些研究结果,本文对旅游城市提出了一些建议,以助其通过旅游业实现可持续的经济发展,并成为对现有和潜在游客具备吸引力的城市/目的地。




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