The purpose of this study is to explore factors that reinforce or obstruct business schools in Pakistan to develop managerial knowledge, skills and work-based learning experiences of MBA students. The study is prompted by growing debates about insufficiencies in business schools to prepare MBA graduates based on managerial capital needs in the regional markets. To understand the reasons of insufficiencies from business school’s viewpoint, this study employs qualitative interviews to explore factors that reinforce or obstruct business schools. Deans, faculty members and administrators of five different business schools in Hyderabad, Pakistan participated in this study. Responses of the participants are transcribed into verbatim reports and description of findings is structured in SWOT analysis format. Findings show sixteen different factors, comprising of four strengths, seven weaknesses, three opportunities, and two threats. There are more number of weaknesses of business schools to develop MBA students. However, business schools have some strengths and opportunities which they may utilize and improve. Radical changes would strive from the higher education authority. Conceptual framework presented in this study recommends that higher education authority may lead the change, cooperate between business schools and stakeholders, and support business schools to develop future managers and leaders through MBA programs.


management development, MBA, business schools, SWOT analysis

Chinese Abstract

影响工商 管理 硕士MBA学生管理人才培养的因素:巴基斯坦商学院的考虑

在培养工商管理硕士(MBA)学生的管理知识、技能和工作相关的学习经验时,巴基斯坦商学院常面临不同的促进或阻碍因素,本文将就此进行探索。目前商学院培育的MBA学生无法满足区域市场中管理资本的需求,相关讨论不断升温。受此启发,研究采取定性访谈的方式,探索促进或阻碍商学院教育培养的因素,进一步从商学院的角度理解管理人员供给不足的原因。来自巴基斯坦海得拉巴地区五所商学院的院长、教职员工和行政人员参与了此次研究。访谈内容以逐字逐句的形式转换为文本报告,并以强弱危机分析模型(SWOT)的形式加以总结。研究共发现十六类不同因素,包括四项优势、七项劣势、三项机会和两项威胁因素。 商学院培育MBA学生的劣势相对较多,然而同时也拥有一些优势和机会,可善加利用。希冀通过高等教育权威部门的努力产生根本变革。文中的概念性框架建议高等教育权威部门引领变革,在商学院和不同利益相关者间进行合作,以支持商学院通过MBA项目培养未来的管理人员和领导者。




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