Demand for pork chops and chicken breasts were analyzed using best-worst scaling and consumer choice experiments. Outdoor enthusiasts (who regularly hunt, fish, or participate in outdoor activities), which represent a unique consumer group with respect to livestock animal welfare, were surveyed with respect to meat purchasing attributes. Six meat attributes were analyzed for relative levels of preferences with safety having the largest share. Nutrition and taste were more important to outdoor enthusiasts than a representative sample of U.S. residents. Positive and significant mean willingness to pay estimates were obtained with the exception of locally produced pork chops. Outdoor enthusiasts were willing to pay a higher amount for retailer and industry verified antibiotic free pork chops than a representative sample of U.S. consumers.


best-worst scaling, livestock animals, willingness to pay

Chinese Abstract


本论文使用两极尺度分析法和消费者选择模型对猪肉和鸡胸肉的需求进行了分析,就户外活动爱好者在肉类购买属性的偏好方面进行了调查。该人群定期狩猎,捕鱼或参与户外活动,对家畜动物福利有自己的看法,代表了一个独特的消费群体。 在六种肉类属性中,受访者对安全的偏好程度最高。 相较于有代表性的美国消费者样本,户外活动爱好者更看重肉类的营养和口味。 除当地生产的猪肉之外,他们意愿支付的平均金额明显更高。与普通美国消费者相比,户外活动爱好者愿意为零售商和行业验证的不含抗生素的猪肉支付更高的金额。

关键词:两极尺度分析法 ,家畜动物,支付意愿



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