In today’s globalized world where loneliness has increased, psychological well-being has decreased and chronic illness has become more common, participation in recreational activities is extremely important; it increases social well-being which in turn yields compliance and communication with the social environment. A high social well-being increases one’s general state of happiness (Keyes, 1998). To conduct this study, we adopted the personality traits model of leisure motivation and social well-being for use as a framework. The purpose of this study is to reveal the effects of tourism students’ personality traits on leisure motivation and social well-being. Fallowing the search, negative correlation was found between conscientiousness and social well-being, and a positive correlation was found to exist between social well-being and the variables related to personality characteristics. A positive correlation was also found between personality traits and leisure motivation. Finally, one of the dimensions of leisure motivation, intellectual factors, was negatively correlated with social well-being; the other dimensions of leisure motivation were positively correlated with social well-being.


personality traits, leisure motivation, social well-being, tourism students

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在当今全球化的世界里,孤独感增加,心理健康水平下降,慢性病变得更加普遍,因而参加娱乐活动显得尤为重要。它增加了社会福利,从而与社会环境契合并互通。高社会福祉增加了个人快乐感(Keyes,1998)。 本文采用休闲动机和社会福利的人格特征模型作为研究框架,旨在揭示旅游专业学生的人格特征对休闲动机和社会福利的影响。本研究结果表明,责任心与社会幸福感呈负相关,而社会幸福感与人格特征相关变量之间存在正相关关系。同时,人格特征与休闲动机之间也存在正相关关系。最后,休闲动机的一个维度—智力因素与社会福利负相关,而其他维度与社会福利呈正相关。




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