Stories help consumers to make sense of the product and/or services in marketing and branding. Especially in tourism, storytelling is an effective channel for destination brand communication. Stories are powerful because they turn myths into tangible consumer experience creators; they provide insights and encourage learning. Tourists have always needed myths-stories with attractive plots and characters to make sense of the tourism destination. So it’s important to have portfolio of attractive, positive stories and effective storytelling channels in destination brand communication for any destination brand. In this paper, certain stories derived from a formerly conducted research about a city destination were investigated. Data were derived from the stories by using qualitative approach based on content analysis. Word counting, classification and labeling techniques were utilized. The analyses yielded plots, themes that were connected with the destination brand. The plots/themes included wide range of linkages reflects positive and/or negative sentiments. Also various attractive characters, places, beliefs, phenomenon, experience etc. were raised related with the destination brand as a result of analyses. After all, “Objects” and “locality” themes put forward. The results have represented a concentrated summary of the meanings subject to able to use in destination brand communication utilizable by tour guides, destination developers, marketers and brand managers.


marketing, destination branding, brand communication, storytelling, tourism

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关键词:市场营销 目的地品牌化 品牌传播 故事营销 旅游



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