Aims & Scope

Journal of Regional Development (JRD) is a non-profit, open access, double-blind journal featuring peer-reviewed articles along with special editions featuring internally resourced materials and working papers. JRD was established in 2020 to provide an intellectual platform for policy solutions and research involving regional and rural development for an audience of academics and policy practitioners. JRD publishes original research articles, review papers, and communications that identify, explain, analyze and review real-world regional and rural development phenomena and issues.

JRD is published bi-annually by the Economic Policy Institute at Northern Arizona University, utilizing the electronic platform provided and maintained by the University of South Florida M3 Center. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit policy-oriented research relating to regional and rural economic development in sufficient detail to permit predictive value and assessment of development impact and its effects. Full theoretical and methodological details must be provided so that the results can be reproduced.

)Anyone may submit an original article to be considered for publication in the Journal of Regional Development, provided he or she owns the copyright to the work being submitted and/or is authorized by the copyright owner(s) to submit the article. Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works (an exception in the non-academic world to this may exist if the authors have, as a condition of employment, agreed to transfer copyright to their employer).

Coverage of JRD includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Regional and Rural Development
  • Tribal Economic Development
  • Regional and Rural Migration, Consumer Behavior and Food Security
  • Regional Hospitality and Tourism
  • Rural Energy, Technology and Broadband Infrastructure
  • Remote Work
  • Rural Education and Health
  • US Mexico Canada (Trade) Agreement