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July 2001

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A new and useful OB/GYN examination chair is provided, which is lightweight and collapsible for convenient transport or storage, and which is readily erected to an examination position in which it supports an OB/GYN patient in a convenient position for an OB/GYN examination or procedure. The chair comprises a collapsible structure having a seat, a back rest, a pair of armrests and a pair of substantially planar leg rests. The leg rests are spaced apart from each other to enable a patient's legs to be supported thereon in an abducted position suitable for an OB/GYN examination, and define therebetween an examination/demonstration space in which an OB/GYN caregiver can conduct an OB/GYN examination or procedure. Additionally, the seat has support structure which enables a slidable basin to be integrally connected with the seat. The chair has a seat which is relatively short in comparison to typical chairs designed as furniture pieces. Thus, the patient's perineum would be disposed substantially above the front end of the chair, and the back rest would provide the patient with lumbar and upper torso support. This feature, coupled with the spaced apart leg rests upon which the patient's feet and/or legs rest, with the patient's legs in an abducted position, provides convenient, comfortable and substantially unobstructed access by an OB/GYN caregiver to the patient's perineum, for conducting an examination or procedure (e.g. a vaginal ultrasound).

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University of South Florida

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