Ping Dou
Benyi Li

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February 2004

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According to the present invention, there is provided an assay for determining Bax degradation activity in a patient sample. The assay includes a labeled Bax protein which is incubated with a protein extract from the sample and a detector for detecting a signal from the labeled Bax protein, whereby decreased signals compared to a control indicates Bax degradation activity. Also provided by the present invention is a method for assaying a tissue for Bax degradation activity for determining aggressiveness of a tumor, for screening compounds for inhibitors of Bax degradation activity and for determining efficacy of proteasome inhibitors to prevent Bax degradation including the steps of incubating the sample with a labeled Bax protein and detecting the presence of a label generated signal whereby decrease signal compared to a control indicates Bax degradation activity. A method for screening potential proteasome inhibitors and anticancer drugs for efficacy in preventing Bax degradation activity. A method of determining tumor grade by measuring the Bax protein level and Bax degradation activity level whereby low or moderate levels of Bax protein and high levels of Bax degradation activity indicate a high-grade tumor is also provided.

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University of South Florida

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