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March 2021

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H01F 27/24, H01F 27/28, H01F 27/30, H05K 1/16, H05K 3/12, H05K 3/143, H05K 3/146, H05K 1/0242, H05K 1/0245, H05K 1/09, H05K 1/115, H05K 3/027, H05K 3/4053, H05K 2201/09236, H05K 2203/107, H01P 3/08


An apparatus includes a substrate and an electronic circuit comprising a plurality of conductive tracts forming a printed litz line on the substrate for distributing a signal therebetween in order to increase effective conductance relative to a single conductive line not divided into tracts. The plurality of conductive tracts may be formed by printing a pattern on the substrate and removing portions of the pattern to leave the plurality of conductive tracts. The removing portions of the pattern may be performed by a removal process such as laser cutting, milling, etching, or masking. For example, the removal may be performed by applying ultrashort laser pulses. The printing may be performed by a jetting process, a spray process, an extrusion process, a dispensing process, and/or other types of processes for applying materials.

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Sciperio, Inc

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