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November 2018

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G06Q 50/14, G06Q 30/02, G06Q 10/47, G06F 3/0481, G06F 17/30241, G08G 1/00, G01C 21/3415, G01C 21/3423, G01C 21/3492, G01C 21/34, G01C 21/3617


Accuracy of data collected from comprehensive travel surveys is a key to studying and analyzing human travel behavior. Better understanding of travel behavior enhances the ability of transportation professionals to utilize resources available in designing appropriate solutions to existing problems. In the past, this data has been obtained through paper or phone-based surveys of individuals and households. These surveys are subject to problems, including inaccurate data due to user error, apathy, and intentional or unintentional omissions, and must often be limited to one or two days due to the amount of effort required from the participant. The present invention describes a system and method that improves both quality and quantity of data gathered on individual travel behavior across multiple modes of transportation, including non-motorized travel, and submits the data from any location. By combining Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices the proposed system automates the collection of much of the data needed to measure individual travel behavior.

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University of South Florida

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