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April 2014

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A magnetic, selectively permeable metabolite transfer disk for the cell-free transfer of metabolites and other molecules produced by microbial colonies is described. The metabolite transfer disk is comprised of at least three layers including: (1) an adhesion layer; (2) a gel layer comprising agar or other cushioning gel matrix; and (3) a bottom surface comprising one or more fluid-permeable filters of variable pore size to enable the diffusion of small molecules into the gel while blocking passage of cells. A diagnostic transfer disk is also described that can be used for biochemical and microbial characterization. The diagnostic transfer disk is similar to the metabolite transfer disk with the added benefit of the top layer being transparent and indicator reagents being added to the disk for microbial characterization. The diagnostic transfer disk can be altered into a wound dressing that provides for the diagnosis of human disease, namely infection, while concurrently aiding in treatment and protection of such acute injuries as lacerations or burns.

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University of South Florida

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