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We measure the rate of uptake and the rate of release of a Vitamin B12 solution (dissolved in water) at 2 different temperatures (room temperature and 37°C) by the mesoporous metal organic framework TbMOF-100 at 1-hour intervals using a spectrophotometer. Using the Beer-Lambert law, we calculate the concentration of the stock solution based on the absorbance values obtained with the spectrophotometer. These values allow for the quantification of the initial rate of uptake and the rate of uptake at a random incubation time of the Vitamin B12 by the TbMOF-100. We also calculate the value of the coefficient of diffusion for this 2-phase system using Fick’s laws of diffusion.




Thomas Bieske, Mathematics and Statistics

Shengqian Ma, Chemistry

Yao Chen, Chemistry

Scott Campbell, Chemical & Biomedical Engineering

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Shengqian Ma