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The objective of this project is to minimize the cost of building a handicap ramp. This is done by introducing an equation that represents the total cost of the construction, including labor and materials. Variables are then defined in terms of block length l, allowing for an equation with one variable to be graphed and derived. This equation then undergoes the first derivative test to find a value of l that would create a minimum output for cost. This value is then compared to the physical constraints of the project allowing for a realistic minimum cost to be found. The project concludes with finding the minimum total cost of $20,043. To meet this minimum cost the number of stacks is 18, the number of triangular prism blocks is 18, and the number of rectangular prism blocks is 171.

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Arcadii Grinshpan, Mathematics and Statistics

Elijah Allen, Allen Concrete and Masonry, Naples, Florida

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