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Infección de hemoparásitos en los ratones del bosque nuboso y cerca de los hábitats perturbados



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December 2006


Conversion of habitat by humans is pervasive, increasing, and the root of serious environmental problems. This study was performed to find differences in blood parasite infections of host mice in neotropical cloud forest versus nearby disturbed habitat. In Monteverde, Costa Rica, mice were trapped and examined for blood parasite species richness and abundance in primary forest and disturbed areas near houses. Twenty-eight mice were captured: 15 from the forest and 13 from the disturbed habitats. Eighty-six percent of these mice were of the species Peromyscus nudipes. There was no significant difference of parasite species richness between mice from the forest habitat (mean = 2.818 ± 1.25; N = 11) and disturbed habitat (mean = 3.25 ± 0.75; N = 12)(Mann-Whitney U = 54.5; P > 0.05) or of parasite abundance between the forest habitat (mean = 8.36 ± 5.12; N = 11) and disturbed habitat (mean = 10.33 ± 5.02; N = 12) (Mann-Whitney U = 57.0; P > 0.05). Transference between the habitats may be frequent, causing similarities in parasite infection rates and types between the populations. Peromyscus nudipes is a “weedy” species and possibly does not discern between the different areas, resulting in this transference.


Este estudio se realizó para encontrar diferencias en las infecciones de hemoparásitos en la sangre de los ratones hospederos en los bosques nubosos neotropicales versus el hábitat perturbado cercano.


Mice, Blood--Parasites, Environmental impact analysis, CIEE Fall 2006

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Ratones, Sangre--Parásitos, Análisis de impacto ambiental, CIEE Otoño 2006


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Blood parasite infection in mice from cloud forest and nearby disturbed habitats, December 2006



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