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Cómo un senderista ayuda a incrementar el turismo rural para el Sendero Pacífico y los negocios de San Luis, Costa Rica


Isabelle Cadrot



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April 2016


In the small mountain town of San Luis, many families and the two dozen or so businesses that reside there would like to see more development of rural tourism and benefit from the economic opportunities that accompany it. One obstacle the community of San Luis faces when trying to attract more tourists, students, and volunteers is the lack of information it has readily available. In addition to inspecting and physically working on the Sendero Pacifico hiking trail, I aided San Luis businesses by summarizing their operations’ history, what services they provide, and pricing in a Prezi presentation, as well as creating an online magazine about seven integrated farms. The magazine, “The story of Las Fincas Integrales of San Luis” was the most significant piece of work I accomplished, because the stories of these unique farmers needed to be shared in order for visitors to know what activities are available in the town, to better understand the values of the community, and want to visit these sustainable family businesses. The physical work in the Sendero Pacifico, the presentation on businesses, and the magazine on integrated farms will all be discussed below, in addition to further actions that must be taken to increase rural tourism in San Luis.


Rural Tourism, Trails--Public use, Lake Forest 2016

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Turismo Rural, Senderos--Uso del publico


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San Luis (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute



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How a senderista helps increase rural tourism for the Sendero Pacífico Trail and businesses of San Luis, Costa Rica, April 2016



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