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Lugar de partición entre Eisenia foetida (Lumbricidae) y las lombrices nativas en Monteverde, Costa Rica



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December 2007


With an increased susceptibility to invasive species due to deforestation, exotic species in tropical rainforests are quickly gaining potential to alter these already disappearing ecosystems. This study examined whether the exotic earthworm Eisenia foetida (Lumbricidae) has the potential to become an invasive species. Niche preference for level of organic soil content, level of soil texture, and humidity level was tested between native and exotic species in Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. There was a significant difference for organic soil content level between native earthworms and E. foetida. This significant difference was present both when the exotics and natives were tested alone and in each other’s presence. Native earthworms avoided high organic content while the exotic earthworms preferred it. No significant difference between preferences of native and exotic worms was found for varying levels of soil texture. Both native and exotic earthworms were most abundant in the low soil texture level when tested alone. Native worms resided an average distance farther from the water source than exotic worms.


Con un aumento de la susceptibilidad hacia las especies invasoras debido a la deforestación, las especies exóticas están rápidamente ganando potencial en los bosques tropicales lluviosos para alterar estos ecosistemas que se están desapareciendo. Este estudio examinó si las lombrices exóticas Eisenia foetida (Lumbricidae) tienen el potencial para convertirse en una especie invasora.


Eisenia foetida, Niche (Ecology), Earthworms, CIEE Fall 2007

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Nicho (Ecología), Lombrices de tierra, CIEE Otoño 2007


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Niche partitioning between Eisenia foetida (Lumbricidae) and native earthworms in Monteverde, Costa Rica, December 2007



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