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Los hongos Micorrizas en las epífitas y en Oerstedella exasperata (Orchidaceae)



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December 2007


All orchids have a relationship with mycorrhizae during germination. Nutrient availability in soils often determines whether these relationships are maintained into adulthood. The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of mycorrhizae infection in epiphytic and terrestrial Oerstedella exasperata. Since orchids that are rooted in the ground may have greater access to, or more consistent supplies of, nutrients I predicted that mycorrhizae would be found less often in terrestrial individuals. Furthermore, since plant fitness may be affected by the presence or absence of mycorrhizae or the availability of nutrients, fitness of epiphytic and terrestrial plants, with and without mycorrhizae were compared. I found a difference in the frequency of infection between the two substrate types with terrestrial individuals showing a higher frequency than expected by chance and in frequencies that exceeded those for the epiphytic individuals. Significant differences were not found in fitness parameters for orchids between the two substrates but trends were found that showed individuals occurring on both substrate types did better with the presence of mycorrhizae. Todas las orquídeas tienen una relación con las micorrizas durante su germinación. La disponibilidad de nutrientes en los suelos a veces determina si estas relaciones se mantienen hasta la edad adulta. El objetivo de este estudio fue investigar la frecuencia de la infección por micorrizas en las epífitas y en Oerstedella exasperata.


Mycorrhizal fungi, Hongos micorrizas, Orchids, Orquideas, Epiphytes, Epifitas, Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone, Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde, CIEE Fall 2007, CIEE Otoño 2007


Student affiliation : Division of Biological Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia Born Digital

Subject: topical

Mycorrhizal fungi; Hongos micorrizas; Orchids; Orquideas; Epiphytes; Epifitas; CIEE Fall 2007; CIEE Otoño 2007

Subject: geographic

Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Monteverde Zone; Costa Rica--Puntarenas--Zona de Monteverde



Holding Location

Monteverde Institute MVI



Mycorrhizal fungi in epiphytic and terrestrial Oerstedella exasperata (Orchidaceae)



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