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Abundancia y distribución de los hongos durante la estación lluviosa en Monteverde, Costa Rica



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August 2006


Fungi are a diverse group of organisms that play a myriad of important roles in all ecosystems. From providing medication for humans to interacting mutualistically with tropical plants, this kingdom offers benefits to many organisms. However, there is much to be learned from this highly understudied collection of species. This study focused on expanding a database of fungi in and around the Estación biológica de Monteverde. Each fungus collected was photographed and data such as date and time, weather conditions, microhabitat conditions, and morphological characteristics were recorded and entered into the database. Milagro Mata identified 25 of the collected species to the family, genus, or species level. By expanding this database we hope to increase knowledge and interest in the local macrofungal communities.


Los hongos son un grupo diverso de organismos que desempeñan una gran variedad de funciones importantes en todos los ecosistemas. Desde proveer medicinas a los seres humanos hasta interactuar mutualisticamente con las plantas tropicales, este reino ofrece beneficios a muchos organismos. No obstante, hay mucho que aprender de esta colección de especies que ha sido poco estudiada. Este estudio se enfoco en expandir la base de datos de los hongos en y alrededor de la Estación Biológica de Monteverde.


Macrofungi, Fungi--Morphology, Microhabitats, CIEE Summer 2006

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Macrohongos, Hongos--Morfología, CIEE Verano 2006


11 pages

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Monteverde Biological Station (Costa Rica)

Ubicación geográfica

Estación Biológica de Monteverde (Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Macrofungal abundance and distribution during the wet season in Monteverde, Costa Rica, August 2006



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