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Dispersión de los patrones del hongo ojo de gallo (Mycena citricolor) en los sistemas de café de Costa Rica


Rebecca Spicer



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May 2008


Coffee (Coffea arabica) is both economically and culturally important to Costa Rica; however it is also highly susceptible to invasion by pests and pathogens. One such fungal pathogen is the American Leaf Spot (Mycena citricolor). This fungus thrives in the same high-elevation, humid habitats that produce some of the highest quality coffee. Plants harboring the fungus in great loads typically experience defoliation and fruit loss. The dispersion patterns of M. citricolor were investigated in eight plots located in Cañitas, Costa Rica. The number of fungal spots present was recorded for a total of 200 coffee plants, and the dispersion patterns were described for each plot and for the area. When compared to the expected Poisson distribution, five plots exhibited a patchy distribution and three plots were random. Fungal dispersion across all plots was also patchy. The predominance of the patchy distribution is related to the life cycle of the fungus, whereas management practices likely account for deviation from this pattern.


El café es importante en la economía y la cultura de Costa Rica, sin embargo es muy sensible a la invasión de plagas y enfermedades. Una de estas enfermedades es el hongo ojo de gallo (Mycena citricolor). Este hongo crece en las mismas alturas elevadas y ambientes húmedos donde se produce el café de buena calidad. Las plantas que tienen este hongo en cantidades grandes típicamente muestran defoliación y pérdida de frutos. Los patrones de dispersión fueron investigados en ocho terrenos en Cañitas, Costa Rica.


Coffee--Diseases and pests, Mycenas, CIEE Spring 2008

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Café--Enfermedades y plagas, CIEE Primavera 2008


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Cañitas (Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Dispersion patterns of the American Leaf Spot (Mycena citricolor) in Costa Rican coffee systems



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