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Diversidad de aves en los bosques fragmentados en Monteverde, Costa Rica


Heather Hulton



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August 2008


Due to deforestation, fragmented forests and secondary growth are replacing old growth forests. These fragments are reduced in biodiversity. In this study, bird diversity of a pre-montane forest fragment, Bajo del Tigre, connected to the Monteverde Reserve through a corridor, and plus two other fragmented forests, Calandria and House Fragment, in Monteverde, Costa Rica were compared. It was expected that the fragment with the highest degree of protection and is connected to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve should have a higher bird diversity. There is a difference between Bajo del Tigre and the two forest fragments in bird diversity when the Shannon-Weiner diversity index is calculated between Bajo del Tigre (H’ = 2.78) and Calandria (H’ = 2.04) (Modified t-test, t = 7.39, p = <0.001) along with Bajo del Tigre and House Fragment (H’ = 2.15) (Modified t-test, t = 5.52, p = <0.001).


Debido a la deforestación, los bosques fragmentados y de crecimiento secundarios están reemplazando a los bosques primarios. Estos fragmentos están reduciendo la biodiversidad. En este estudio, se comparo la diversidad de aves de un bosque fragmentado que esta conectado a la Reserva de Monteverde a través de un corredor biológico y dos fragmentos mas la Calandria y House Fragment, en Monteverde, Costa Rica.


Fragmented landscapes, Birds--Variation, Deforestation, CIEE Summer 2008

Palabras claves

Paisajes fragmentados, Aves--Variación, Deforestación, CIEE Verano 2008


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Monteverde (Puntarenas, Costa Rica)

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Monteverde Institute


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Bird diversity in fragmented forests in Monteverde, Costa Rica



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