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Harnessing Your Projects: Using Project Management Techniques and Basecamp in Libraries

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April 2011


Project management, Basecamp, team collaboration


It seems that our libraries are in a constant state of change. We review the reference collection, move periodicals, renovate libraries, develop new website, and create tutorials. All of which represent change, all of which are projects, and all of which can be overwhelming if not managed properly. The main points of this webcast will be to help librarians understand 1) that they are project managers and 2) that there are simple techniques and tools that can help them be most effective at that aspect of their job.

The University of South Florida Tampa Library began using Basecamp, a leading online project collaboration tool, to plan, track, and report project statuses in May 2010. We began with the successful implementation of the tool for digitization projects and are now using it for projects in Technical Services and Circulation. The purpose of this webcast is to share what we have learned on the application of this tool to library projects.

In addition to learning basic project management techniques, participants will have hands-on exercises in which they register for a free Basecamp account and create a project with to-do lists and milestones. They will also learn about the communication tools provided within Basecamp that enables collaboration with other project team members.