The following scientists already confirmed their participation:

Belen Martrat (Spanish Council for Scientific Research) -
Fabrizio Antonioli (ENEA, Italy) -
Joan Mylroie (Mississippi State University, US) -
Jeffrey A. Dorale (Univ. of Iowa, US) -
R. Lawrence Edwards (Univ. of Minnesota, US) -
Joan J. Fornos (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Andre Droxler (Rice University, US) -
Angel Gines (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Joaquin Gines (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Paul Hearty (Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington, US) -
Gideon M. Henderson (Univ. of Oxford, UK) -
Jonathan Wynn (Univ. of South Florida, US) -
John E. Mylroie (Mississippi State University, US) -
Bogdan P. Onac (Univ. of South Florida, US) -
Jacqueline Diehl (Univ. of South Florida, US) -
Liana Boop (Univ. of South Florida, US) -
David A. Richards (Univ. of Bristol, UK) -
Giorgio Spada (Univ. of Urbino, Italy) -
Bernadi Gelabert (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Gabriella Ruggieri (Univ. of Urbino, Italy) -
Kelly L. Jackson (Univ. of Miami, US) -
Masa Suric (Univ. of Zadar, Croatia) -
William G. Thompson (Woods Hole, US) -
Paola Tuccimei (Univ. Rome III, Italy) -
Garey James (Univ. of South Florida, US) -
Antoni Merino (Federacio Balear d'Espeleologia) -
Blaz Miklavic (Slovenia) -
Monica I. Calugar (Babes-Bolyai Univ., Cluj, Romania) -
Kurt Lambeck (The Australian National University Canberra) -
Cristian I. Moldovan (Babes-Bolyai Univ., Cluj, Romania) -
Teresa Bardaji (Univ. de Alcalá, Spain) -
Gina Moseley (Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria) -
Laura del Valle (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Ana Cabero del Rio (Univ. Nacional de Educ. a Distancia, Spain) -
Paola Romano (Univ. of Naples, Italy) -
Alessandro Amorosi (Univ. of Bologna, Italy) -
Marta Rodriguez (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Francesc Gracia (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Damia Vicens (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Francesc Pomar (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Guillem X. Pons (Univ. of Balearic Islands, Spain) -
Karine Wainer (Univ. of Oxford, UK) -
Lucas Laursen (Journalist, Spain/UK) -

Plans for Recruitment

The Organizing Committee recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and expertise brought by each attendee to the workshop. Accordingly, our recruitment strategy targets the following categories (1st and 2nd by invitation) that will include participation of under-represented groups.

  1. Leading scientists of whose fields of expertise overlap the major theme of the workshop (these group includes members of the Organizing Committee, the Session Chairs, and invited speakers);
  2. Graduate students/postdoctoral fellows associated with individuals of category #1 (expected to give oral or poster presentations);
  3. Prospective undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying sea-level changes (limited number)

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