Informed Desk Staffing with Quantified Reference Statistics: Using Electronic Data Collection to Re-Envision Reference Services at the USF Tampa Libraries

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June 2011


reference desk staffing, statistics


Andy Huse, Barbara Lewis, Lily Todorinova, and Matt Torrence participated in a panel presentation for RUSA MARS Hot Topics. Their presentation titled "Informed Desk Staffing Through Quantified Reference Statistics” discussed the data collection, data analysis, and decision-making aspects of the Re-envisioning Reference project at the USF Libraries. This project examined the implementation and effectiveness of online data collection tools and the use of their data to inform managerial decisions as to scheduling of desk hours and staffing levels. Interviews with key library administrators were conducted in order to provide an historical perspective as to weaknesses of past data collection and to identify administrative needs for reliable data to support staffing and scheduling decisions. The presentation reported on the initial findings of desk usage utilizing the online data collection tool and the impact of scheduling and staffing changes based upon that data.