Student-Focused Learning Programs: Designing and Delivering

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March 2012


Librarians typically have limited time during one-shot library instruction sessions, so supplementing instruction with asynchronous reusable learning objects (videos, tutorials, Prezi presentations, LibGuides, etc) allows them to maximize their time with students in all environments. Embedded librarian, Susan Ariew, will illustrate the reusable learning objects she uses in course management systems to prepare students for classes to get them beyond the basics and prime them for meaningful librarian/student instructional sessions. From in-studio production to laptop simplicity, we've tried it all in terms of video instruction. Engineering & Business Librarian Matt Torrence will talk about the production side of things, illustrating user-friendly technologies such as Xtranormal, JING, and Quicktime screen and audio capture software that have become an integrated part of our instruction efforts inside the library, as well as beyond our walls. In addition, new staffing for production and development has made it possible to plan other class- and assignment-specific tutorials and virtual lessons. Attendees will become aware of simple, inexpensive technologies that they can use to enhance library instruction both in traditional and non-traditional learning situations. By using learning objects, attendees can see instruction can be more of a process and not a one-time event, a process that can begin online before the students come to the library or have contact with the librarian and can end well beyond the instructional session.

Attendees will identify how small instructional pieces can be used individually or grouped into an endless number of combinations of modules, providing a way to construct a customized set of instruction for each course, assignment, or student.

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