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Texas Speleological Association

Publication Date

May 1976


United States, Regional Speleology, Technical Speleology


Contents: Letters to the Ediger: theory of evolution proven by comparing caving trunks -- Waterproofing: pack or contents: plastic strikes again as caving packs evolve / Roger Bartholomew -- Too late: poetry in its finest hour still has a long way to go / Wayne Russell -- The flash: putting a little light on the subject of cave photography / James Jasek -- Cavernicole corner: bug of the month! boil 2 pounds for 5 minutes, peel, and eat / Andy Grubbs -- Vampire bats or flying saucers? logic drops to new levels / comments by Bill Elliott -- Caves: Ojo del Gato Cueva de los Vientos: a report from below the precipice / Paul Duncan -- Map: Ojo del Gato Cueva de los Vientos: what they look like from up close / Paul Duncan -- How the map was done: trilateration creeps into the caves and the english language / Glenn Darilek -- Use of CB radios in caving: first rate tools become toys for rich kids / Tom Warden -- Garbage: goofs straightened out, help requests, and Huckleberry Weed busted -- Ree caver: bringing the speleo-ego back down to earth: an observation / Jim Kramer -- Grotto news: the truth is stranger than fiction as the quest continues -- Safety tips: a mere MOLE does service as this month's safety column / Norman Kristofferson -- Public service page: books and things you can order to aid you in your quest -- Trip reports: they also serve who only send in trip reports. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 21, no. 05 (1976) See Extended description for more information.

Subject: topical

Regional Speleology; Technical Speleology

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United States


Newsletter; serial



The Texas Caver