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Texas Speleological Association

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June 2012


United States, Regional Speleology, Technical Speleology


Contents: Whole Lotta Longhorn-Spring Edition / Mark Alman, Photos by: Leslie Bell, Paul Gartman, and Eddie Smith -- Texas Cave Conservancy Activities - 2012 / Mike Walsh. Photos by: Leslie Bell, Paul Gartman, and Eddie Smith -- Texas Speleological Association Spring Convention! / Group photo and report submitted by Bennett Lee -- Deep Cave Trip Report-April 20-22, 2012 / Allie Loftin -- A Successful Rescue in Boyett's Cave, Hays Co TX / Ben Hutchins -- TSA Membership Directory Announcement -- Smith Ranch Cave and Nearby Caves Kerr County, Texas / Travis Scott -- Texas Cave Conservancy - Cave Access Information Changes -- As One--- / Mimi Jasek -- O-9 Well-February 4, 2012: Survey trip with the UTG / Aubri Jenson. Photos by: Andrea Croskey David Ochel -- A.S.S. Honey Creek Cave Trip-February 11th, 2012 / Samantha Carley, Aggie Speleological Association President -- Joe Mitchell's 40th Birthday at Robber Baron Cave / Photos and report By Michael Harris-Bexar Grotto -- 10 Reasons I Would Rather Be Caving / Sheryl Rieck, Bill Bentley, Lyndon Tiu, Nico Escamilla, and Mallory Mayeux. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 58, no. 2 (April-June 2012) See Extended description for more information.

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Regional Speleology; Technical Speleology

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United States


Newsletter; serial



The Texas caver