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Texas Speleological Association

Publication Date

February 1977


United States, Regional Speleology, Technical Speleology


Contents: Pepto bismol halts turista: a common cure for the common trots / MWN -- Cueva de Tulillo: destined to become a 'must see' cave on the Mexican circuit / Terry Sayther -- Texas cave protection act: the TSS keeps its eye on current cave legislation / Ronnie Fieseler -- Map: Cueva Tulillo / Terry Sayther -- Ree kaver: our friend helps brin g a little sense to the ultra-cave-conservationist / Jim Kramer -- Rescue: a few thoughts from the NSS Safety and Techniques Chairman on Rescue Training / D. Davison -- TSA BOG minutes: minutes of the Winter 1977 TSA Board of Governors meeting / Alicia Wisener -- Cueva de la Sierra Minas Viejas: The TSA Chairman takes to Mexico again / Charlie Yates -- Book review: Bexar County cave maps: our 'Ancient Caver' attacks the albatross / J. Reddell -- Trip reports: faithful pilgrims telling it like it used to be / Keith Heuss -- Garbage: keeping up with the latest developments in the caving world / Ediger -- Spare bottoms? helpful hints for easier caving. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 22, no. 02 (1977) See Extended description for more information.

Subject: topical

Regional Speleology; Technical Speleology

Subject: geographic

United States


Newsletter; serial



The Texas Caver