A Conversation with Marcus Croom

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In this episode, Dr. Marcus Croom talks to us about relationships between racialization and literacies, an ecology of mastery, and having real talk around race and education. Marcus is known for his work utilizing research and experiences to help individuals and groups develop racial literacies in order to advance the justice, antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of schools, universities, businesses, organizations, and communities. He is the author of Real talk? How to discuss race, racism, and politics in 21st century American schools and will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Literacy Research Association annual conference.


Education research has a problem. The work of brilliant education researchers often doesn’t reach the practice of brilliant teachers. Classroom Caffeine is here to help. Each week, I invite a top education researcher to sit down and talk with teachers about what they have learned from years of study.

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