A Conversation with David Pearson

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Dr. David Pearson talks to us about the interconnected nature of learning, a useful view of reading that he calls the “radical middle”, and ways to think about the total experience of literacy in schools and in life. David is known for his work in the areas of literacy history, literacy policy, and literacy practice. He has authored more than 300 books, articles, and chapters with nearly 300 co-authors. Notably, he has written and co-edited the Handbook of Reading Research, now in its fourth edition, and A History of Literacy Education: Waves of Research and Practice, written with Rob Tierney was recently released. Dr. Pearson is emeritus faculty at the University of California, Berkeley.


Education research has a problem. The work of brilliant education researchers often doesn’t reach the practice of brilliant teachers. Classroom Caffeine is here to help. Each week, I invite a top education researcher to sit down and talk with teachers about what they have learned from years of study.

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