Transdisciplinarity: Shaping the Future by Reading the Word and Reading the World in an Eighth Grade Classroom

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Spring 2012


In this essay I pose questions to literacy teacher educators and classroom teachers to inspire them to review their epistemological beliefs about teaching, learning, and knowledge. I also provide some history of transdisciplinarity, and introduce readers to "Miss Smith", a composite of five middle school teachers who hold a transdisciplinary orientation. Next, I connect some important tenets of transdisciplinarity to a holistic inquiry conducted by Miss Smith and her students. An expert in curriculum and educational policy then offers a response commentary about the power and challenges of transdisciplinary teaching. I conclude the essay with some final questions for readers to prompt their thinking about the dominant standards-based assessments in United States schools today and the feasibility of a future transdisciplinary curriculum.

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Reading Improvement, v. 49, issue 1, p. 6-16